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The Thermography Clinic mission is to bring non-invasive imaging technology to the forefront of health care and to impact breast cancer statistics globally. Visit www.thermographyclinic.com for more information. 

Kate Martin, H.B.A, C.T.T., is the owner and imaging technician at Trillium Thermography. Kate is a Certified Thermographic Imaging Technician (CTT), Global Breast Health Educator with the Know Your Lemons Foundation, and a University of Guelph graduate with a focus on biology and environmental geography.

Kate uses thermography or DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging) to help her clients monitor their breast and total-body health. Used consistently, thermography helps identify when the body is falling into a state of dysfunction or disease. With this technology and the help of a healthcare practitioner, it is her hope that disease progression can be stopped and health can be restored without invasive testing and treatments.

Kate trained in Toronto with Thermography expert Alex Mostovoy and is passionate about breast cancer prevention and early detection strategies.  She volunteers her time twice monthly to teach breast self-exam classes through the Know Your Lemons Foundation and attends monthly training as a life-long learner. When Kate isn’t teaching or imaging in the clinic, she is caring for her three daughters with her husband, cooking, gardening and spending time outdoors.

At Trillium Thermography we believe in empowering you and your health care provider with knowledge. The more you know about your body, the better decisions you and your health care provider can make.

​Our goal is to provide a professional, consistent clinical imaging experience followed by an informative thermography report that will leave you and your health care providers with a valuable comparative assessment tool. Using standardized clinical protocols, pre-imaging prep, and environmental controls, we are able to ensure conditions can be reproduced year after year for the most accurate results. The strength of thermography as a health assessment lies in routine monitoring and assessment of your unique body over time. 

If your Doctor or Health Care Provider has questions about Thermography, please direct them to: www.thermographyclinic.com

NOTE: Thermography, Ultra-Sound and Mammography cannot diagnose breast cancer. Only a biopsy can diagnose
cancer. Thermography statistically assesses your breast health and the likelihood of you developing/having a breast disease.