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Trillium Thermography is a member of the Canadian Association of Clinical Thermography. That means we follow an established set of controls and imaging protocols to ensure accuracy over time.

Cranial, Dental & Whole-Body Thermography

Be proactive with your health!

Stay ahead of disease by identifying early changes & inflammation.


Physiological changes often precede anatomical changes in your body. That is why monitoring heat and inflammation can help identify early stages of disease.

Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography is applicable to all women, including those who have dense, fibrocystic breasts or implants. It is a safe, non-invasive breast health assessment with zero compression or radiation exposure.  It is based on research demonstrating that an abnormal infrared image is the single-most important marker of high risk for developing breast cancer.

Thermography assessments reveal a great deal of information relative to many applications including dental health, sinus infections, sport injuries and muscle inflammation, circulation concerns, skin conditions, inflammation and infection. 

Weekly Locations: London, Woodstock, Dorchester, Aylmer, Norwich, Tillsonburg

Seasonal Locations: Sarnia & Goderich

Thermography is medical heat-imaging that measures infrared radiation (heat) emitted from the surface of your skin. The strength of thermography as a health assessment tool is its ability to detect and track minor physiological (heat) changes over time.  Heat can indicate inflammation, infection, injury, disease or irritation.

We offer breast, cranial/ dental/thyroid and total body imaging. Total body thermography has applications in both sports-medicine and long-term health monitoring.