Our goal is to provide a professional clinical imaging experience followed by an informative thermography report that will leave you and your health care providers with a valuable comparative assessment tool. Using standardized clinical protocols, pre-imaging prep, and environmental controls, we are able to ensure conditions can be reproduced year after year for the most accurate results. The strength of thermography as a health assessment lies in routine monitoring and assessment of your unique body over time. Call or Email with your questions on the Contact Us form. 

Thermography Appointment Procedure:

Imaging Packages

Thermography Rates:
Breast (Male or Female): $279 + HST
Cranial-Dental-Thyroid (CDT): $269 + HST
Breast & CDT: $459 + HST
Upper Body: $299 + HST
Lower body: $299 + HST
Total body (Women): $699 + HST
Total body (Men): $599 + HST

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